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Desislava Nikolaeva Kavaldzhieva- voluntary worker

Desislava Nikolaeva Kavaldzhieva- voluntary worker

Some of my best memories are connected both with the study work in the university and all the activities you can join, as a student in AAU.

How is your typical work day?

Currently, I do not have a job, connected with my education. But, in order to find one I rely a lot on my network from AAU, my voluntary work at Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps and of course the different social media, companies and job search websites. There are a lot of websites as AAU jobbank, jobnet.dk, jobindex.dk, graduateland.com, where you can find a lot of advertised job position, even for international students.

How close is your career path today to your ideas and dreams from your time at AAU?

I would like to find a job close to my education, because I am really passionate about my studies and everything that I’ve learnt and would like to use it. Thus, I apply for jobs, where I cover the necessary requirements, but sometimes even if I do not meet all requirements, I still try, because the job is connected with my education and I know that I can be a valuable worker. The last is really important to be specified in every job application, along with how you can contribute and why you have chosen that specific organization. This is something I try to do in every job application I send.

How much do you use your education and the particular AAU competences in your daily work?

I have gained different kinds of skills and competences within my education at AAU. As a Recruitment coordinator, one of the competences, I use the most is group working. The education at AAU is structured, based on group working, thus I have learnt to work and communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This, without any doubts will help me in my future career.

How do you maintain your professional competences?

As a recent graduate, who is searching for a job, it is important to keep yourself update with the most current news and updates in relation to your desire professional development field. This is how you try to be competitive and educate yourself. Since, I would like to develop myself in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, I keep track of different blogs and groups (e.g. in LinkedIn), where every day I receive e-mail notifications and newsletters with topics about ethical performance of companies, or development and implementation of environmental and social responsible actions etc.
It is also important to keep track with the organizations, which you want to work with. It is always good, when you are invited to an interview to have done your homework beforehand and know exactly what is going on in the specific organization. This is how I try to maintain my professional competences and be prepared if I am invited for an interview.

What exciting projects or companies that you cooperated with do you recall from your time at AAU?

Well, I must say that every semester project and/or for my master thesis, I ended up collaborating with interesting people, part of public and private organizations. But, probably the most existing time was for my master thesis, since I worked alone and did not have the back up and support from the group. So, I had to contact different organizations and consequently conduct the interviews on my own, and in the beginning it was a bit scary and stressful. But I ended up working with people, who were also excited by my thesis as I was, thus providing me with a lot of useful information and making the whole process of data gathering easy and in a way fun.

Your best memory/memories from AAU?

Some of my best memories are connected both with the study work in the
university and all the activities you can join, as a student in AAU. In that sense, group works; guests lectures from companies, where you have the possibility to learn about your future professional development, being part of different organizations as YGA, where you network and meet interesting people and of course Friday bar 

If you were to choose your education today, would you then choose something different?

I do not think so. I received a high quality education in AAU in relation to a field that I am passionate about. Hence, I am eager to start using all the valuable lessons and knowledge that I have received.

Where does your professional network derive from? How much of it is from your time at AAU?

I would say that a big percentage of my professional network is part of AAU, especially since I am a part of an organization that supports and tries to help international students to find work in Denmark. Also, I use a lot different social networks as LinkedIn and join groups, connected with my education, which can help me land my first job.
Networking was and still is the biggest tool that you can use finding a job. During my education, it helped me when I did not speak Danish so well and was looking for a student job. And now, when I am a graduate, I try to maintain my network and expand it by participating in different events by the AAU, career center, Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps etc. Especially the last is strictly connected with helping international students to find a job in Denmark. I have been part of different conferences about professional development and met companies’ and policies’ representatives, who are appreciating the international talent and are more than prepared to provide jobs, internships and student works.

What are your dreams for the future?

I would like to find a job, connected with my education and start being a professionally productive person, based on the knowledge I have. As every future graduate, I can’t wait to gain practical cognition and insights from the working life.

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My question is – What was the biggest challenge that you have to overcome as part of being a student in Denmark and particularly AAU?

Who did you choose to pass the baton on to and why?

Alex Urcan, who has managed to land his first job, connected with his education field, while still being a student of AAU.

YEARBOOK FOR Desislava Nikolaeva Kavaldzhieva

  • Job: unemployed, voluntary worker at Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps
  • Former jobs: student jobs – as a kitchen assistant in Jin Shing Grill A/S and cleaning assistant in Helnan Phønix hotel A/S
  • Education at AAU: Master degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science
  • Graduation year: 2014
  • Home town: Nova Zagora, Bulgaria
  • Year born: 06/03/1988