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Brand yourself, your programme and Aalborg University

To make your personal portrait, you have to be a graduate from AAU. Furthermore, you need to be registered with AAU Alumni. Create a profile with AAU Alumni here.


  • Filling in the form below – do not restrain yourself in terms of text quantity!
  • Provide minimum two pictures or more, e.g. a portrait, memorable moments from your student days, or pictures related to your work. The pictures should to be send to alumni@aau.dk.
    The pictures need to be at least 650x350 pixels and/or 278x77 pixels (horizontal format). See examples of pictures from other alumni portraits.
    Your portrait will not published until we have received at least two suitable pictures.


  • Your text will be typically be published exactly as you write it, however it may occasionally occur that certain revisions are made.
  • You will be informed, when your portrait is published.
  • By publishing your portrait, you automatically authorise AAU Alumni to utilise and publish the material on the platforms we employ (mainly our web page, LinkedIn, and Facebook)

Finally, do not hesitate to invite other alumni with interesting careers to create a portrait.

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