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The contents of the mentoring programme

The contents of the mentoring programme


The duration of the AAU Alumni Mentoring programme is nine months.The programme will begin in November, which is when you may expect to be matched with a mentor/mentee and receive an email introduction describing the learning process of a mentoring programme.

How we prepare you

In preparing you and your mentor/mentee for participating in the mentoring programme, we will provide you with the tools required for each of the process phases; we will focus on various topics, including the many roles of a mentor, coaching and personal development. 

Meetings between mentor and mentee

During the course of the nine months programme, we recommend that you and your mentor/mentee schedule 5 to 7 meetings of a duration of 1 to 2 hours. The framework of the programme is quite flexible, however; this means that you and your mentor/mentee are free to determine when, where and how often you would prefer to meet.

Matching mentors/mentees

When matching mentors and mentees we aim to find suitable degrees of similarities and differences between you and your mentor/mentee; this causes for the best possible learning outcomes for the both of you. Therefore, you may not be paired with a mentor/mentee with an educational background and/or professional background identical to your own.

Further information on how to sign up to become a mentor and how to apply to become a mentee.

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Contact the mentoring programme

If you have any questions regarding the mentoring programme please contact us.


An amazing experience

“Taking part in the programme has been an amazing experience. It has been highly beneficial to my future career, both personally and professionally. I have recommended several of my friends to join the mentoring programme.”

Nikoline Elling, Sports Science, 6th semester, mentee