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What is an alumnus?

An alumnus from AAU is a former student at Aalborg University. If you have completed a Master’s, Bachelor’s or diploma degree from Aalborg University you can become a member of the university’s alumni network AAU Alumni. Sign up here.

What do I get from being a member?

As a member of AAU Alumni you have the opportunity to keep in touch with Aalborg University and become part of a network counting more than 12.000 former AAU students. In addition, you get a number of member benefits. See more under Benefits.

I'm trying to log in, but the system does not allow access

Currently we are working on getting a new alumni system, so it's no longer possible to log in. If you need access to your information, you can always send an email to alumni@aau.dk and we will assist you.

How do I get news from AAU Alumni?

AAU Alumni sends newsletters about six times a year. If you would like to receive newsletters, please write to alumni@aau.dk and state your full name and note that you would like to receive newsletters. You can also receive news by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How do I get in touch with former fellow students?

Since we are currently working on creating a new alumni system, you can no longer sign in to your profile and search for former fellow students there. However, if you are looking for former fellow students for an event or similar, please feel free to contact us at alumni@aau.dk and we will try to help you.

I do not receive news mail. Why?

AAU Alumni sends the news mail to the email address you have stated, when you created your profile in the alumni network. If you no longer receive news, it may be because you have changed your email address. Write an email to alumni@aau.dk  and we will try to solve the problem. 


I have changed my email address. What do I do?

If you change your email address, it is important that you inform AAU Alumni about this as you will no longer receive news, event offers, etc. Please send an email to alumni@aau.dk, where you provide your full name and your new email address. AAU Alumni will then change your email address for you on your profile in the alumne network. 


I no longer wish to receive news emails. How do I cancel it?

You can unsubscribe from news mail by sending an email to alumni@aau.dk, in which you write your full name and say that you no longer wish to receive news emails. 


I would like a mentor. How can I find one?

AAU Alumni has a mentoring program for students from 5th to 10th Semester as well as graduates who have graduated in the past year. The mentor program is career-related and there is an application deadline every October. You can stay informed on www.alumni.aau.dk/english/mentoring/

I would like to have access to AUB. what does it require?

You are always welcome to stop by one of AUB's brances and use the facilities. In order to use the library's collections, you must register as borrower and get a library card. Either you can register at one of our branches - please remember to bring ID - or you can use the library's online registration form. Read more here: www.en.aub.aau.dk/businesses-and-others/


I need a copy of my diploma. Who can i contact?

Please contact your previous study. You can find contact information here: www.en.aau.dk/about-aau/organisation-management/schools-study-boards/

Can I resign from AAU Alumni?

If you no longer want to be a part of AAU Alumni you have the opportunity to unsubscribe. Please send an email to alumni@aau.dk in which you state your full name and write that you would like to be resigned from the alumni network. Please inform why you no longer want to be a member (not a requirement).


You are always welcome to contact AAU Alumni if you have any questions or comments regarding the alumni activities.