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Nail or fail your job interview

Nail or fail your job interview

For students, PhDs and alumni at AAU in Aalborg


31.10.2017 kl. 14.15 - 17.00


Nailing a job interview can be a tricky thing. The competition is fierce and you have to stand out from the crowd. But to do that is easier said than done.

How do you best prepare for the interview? What strategy should you choose in the presentation of yourself? How do you relate to the use of testing tools and how do you control your nerves and body language during the interview?

At this seminar we will have a company visit by NEAS Energy and you will learn how to impress companies at job interviews.

Outcome and content:

When you go home from this course, you will have a better idea of how to sell yourself at a job interview, and you have become aware of some of the pitfalls.

We work with the phases BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the interview and we will work with e.g.:

  • How do I best prepare for the interview?
  • What kinds of tests can I be asked to take in relation to the interview?
  • How do I best present myself?
  • What questions can I be asked at the interview? And how do I respond best to them?


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