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Make it to the job interview

Make it to the job interview

For students and alumni at AAU in Aalborg


30.03.2017 kl. 12.30 - 16.30



At this seminar you will learn...

  • how you make a CV and cover letter – a traditional one and with a twist
  • how you decode a job position – what to pay attention to matching the requirements
  • what an unemployment benefit fund is and your rights and obligations


12:30 Registration and welcome by the Careers Centre

12:45 What are your competences – what are you good at, and how do you present these competences in your CV and cover letter. Exercises.

13:50 Break

14.00 Go through of the traditional cover letter and CV by Career Consultant Lotte Pedersen, Careers Centre 
Best practice of how to build up, general tips, and practical examples. Exercises.

15:15 Break

15:30 CV and cover letter with a twist by Tomek Pawliszak, AIESEC

15:50 Learn how to decode a job ad by Career Consultant Karen Henningsen, Akademikernes A-kasse.
Where you find relevant jobs – apart from the usual job banks.
How you make sure you have matched the job requirements in a job ad.

Unemployment benefit fund/A-kasse: A brief introduction to voluntary membership of an unemployment benefit fund, when and how to apply and the basic rules regarding e.g. unemployment benefits, job search and the Danish flexicurity system.

16:25 Round off, evaluation


Please contact Lotte Pedersen, lp@adm.aau.dk





AAU Career and Akademikernes A-kasse


Barbaren, Fibigerstræde 15, 1 floor, Aalborg Ø

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