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Student Priests

AAU Alumni cooperates with the Student Priests at Aalborg University.

As an alumni, you have the option to participate in the Student Priests’ many exciting events.


International House

AAU Alumni cooperates with International House North Denmark to build programs for international students in the Aalborg region.


become an aau alumni partner

AAU Alumni is looking for cooperation partners who wants to be front runners in the development of AAU Alumni.

In this context 'cooperation partner' means possibilities to be in direct contact and dialogue with attractive graduates and students from Aalborg University – good opportunities for recruitment!

There are many advantages and possibilities of establishing cooperation with AAU Alumni, among others:

  • visibility in e-mail sendings - around 10,000 alumni receive newsletters from AAU Alumni
  • possibility to get in contact with 14,000 AAU students
  • possibility to get in targeted contact with students from specific education programmes
  • promotion of logo and direct links to corporate pages on www.alumni.aau.dk
  • possibility to sign up as a mentor for AAU students
  • and many more…

Read more about becoming a cooperation partner with Aalborg University at www.karriere.aau.dk (in Danish) or contact AAU Career at karriere@aau.dk or phone +45 9940 7447.


You are always welcome to contact AAU Alumni if you have any questions or comments regarding the alumni activities.


Thisted Kommune

Thisted Kommune is one of AAU Alumni's main cooperation partners.

Read about Thisted Kommune at www.thisted.dk